Northern Italy - Venice, Lake Garda, Dolomites, Aosta Valley - Tourist Attractions

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This short travel video guides you through Northern Italy's best places to travel for a holiday. Visit Venice, Lake Garda, the Dolomites and Aosta Valley in 4 minutes. Northern Italy offers you world famous tourist attractions, nature wonders, breathtaking sceneries if you opt to visit it as a vacation destination. Venice is one of the most visited cities, it is located in the Venetian Lagoon on 118 small islands separated by canals. Venice is known as the "city built on water". Lake Garda offers breathtaking sceneries, predictable wind for wind surfers. Gardaland is a must-visit amusement park for the whole family, it can be the crown of your vacation. Visit Lake Garda for a great holiday with lots of fun and adventure. The Dolomites is a beautiful mountain range in northeastern Italy, it is renowned for the picturesque limestone formations. Visiting Aosta Valley, in northwestern Italy, is recommended for nature lovers, they can have tremendous opportunity for trekking or hiking. There are several smaller tributary valleys, each of them has its own characteristic, but all of them are amazing.